phpMyVisites is changing into Piwik

Piwik is the next generation of phpMyVisites and aims to be an open source alternative to Google Analytics.

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New: Piwik Professional Services

phpMyVisites has become Piwik, which is the most popular open source web analytics platform.
For Piwik professional services please get in touch with us at Piwik Consulting.

Help on phpMyVisites

If you need help, please try the following steps, you will certainly find the solution to your problem!

  • Try the Frequently Asked Questions : common questions are answered
  • You think you've found a new bug ? It is rare! Search in the bugTracker, maybe your bug has ever been found (and already fixed!). If not, please add details about the bug, how to reproduce, your configuration, etc.
  • You can also write a new post in the forums: be very precise and complete! Being polite is also adviced ;-)

Submit un bug

If you find a bug while using phpMyVisites, please contact the development team to submit a bug report. We want to correct all known bugs in order to make phpMyVisites as stable and secure as possible. Be sure you respect the following advices:

  • Verify that you can re-create the bug. A reproducible bug is a bug that can be solved. If you cannot re-create the bug, describe it as precisely as possible and the context in which it appeared (the sections or headings visited, the type of time period chosen, previous actions, etc.). If you can re-create the bug, describe in detail the exact steps used to re-create it. Also, provide your web site address and your phpMyVisites configuration so that the development team can directly examine the problem.
  • Next, search the forum and the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) to see if the bug has already been submitted. Please post a bug report only once. Duplicate postings slow down the team—they have to spend extra time sorting posts, instead of correcting the problem. If your bug has already been submitted, describe the bug by posting a response in the matching forum topic. If the forum topic’s description is different from your own, provide your bug description.
  • If no one else has submitted the bug, you can create a new topic. The subject title must be clear and must describe the problem. Do not use titles such as: “ It doesn’t work” or “A bug in phpmyvisites”. Instead, use titles such as “Inverted data displayed” or “Monthly archive: incorrect results”. Remember to check the box to be contacted by e-mail so the development team can easily reach you to ask questions and request more information about the problem—this helps us solve the problem quickly and efficiently. We find it very frustrating when the user who discovered the bug is not available to answer questions from the development team. In the same vein, please provide the following information (if you already know it):
    • your type of web server and version (for example, Apache 1.2.22, IIS 4, Sambar, etc.).
    • your PHP version and any installed and configured libraries (for example, PHP 5.1.2 with GD2 and FreeType).
    • your database version (e.g., MySQL 3.23.32)

    To find this information, the easiest and quickest way is to create a file called ‘phpinfo.php’ on your server. The file ‘phpinfo.php’ has the following code: Use your web browser to access this file and you will find all the necessary information about your configuration.

    Be as precise as possible when describing the bug. As explained above, a good description saves a lot of time and the problem can be quickly corrected. Once the bug has been corrected, you will be notified of the solution in the forum and by e-mail. You can even correct the bug yourself or you can wait for the next version of phpMyVisites. Thank you in advance for your help!

    Suggesting Changes and Improvements

    Do you think phpMyVisites is missing a particular feature or that a current feature does not seem useful? Feel free to contact the development team. Simply post a message on the official web site’s international forum. Before posting, however, make sure that another user has not already posted the same request (search the forum).

    If your request is relevant, the development team will consider it and add it to the list of features to add in a future version. Please do not hesitate to contact us--many new features have been added because of user requests. Remember, though, that the developers are unpaid volunteers and we cannot make any guarantees about your request.

    Do you think phpMyVisites is missing an important feature? The easiest way to implement this feature is to participate in its development. All help is enthusiastically welcomed and the development team will be pleased to help you.

    You can also propose a remunerated development to the phpMyVisites team: Contact us using the form in the Contact section.