phpMyVisites is changing into Piwik

Piwik is the next generation of phpMyVisites and aims to be an open source alternative to Google Analytics.

Try the online demo, download Piwik or find out more!

What you need

Web server

You need a webserver (Apache, IIS, etc.) that supports the following :

  • php > 4.3
  • Mysql database

To be able to display the graphs (vertical bar, 2D / 3D pie chart, dynamic world map, etc.), you need the following librairies on the webserver :

  • GD Library
  • TTF support (Freetype)

Which is available on most of free or cheap web hosting services!


Installing phpMyVisites requires maximum 10minutes. You need to have the login/password of your MySQL database.

To launch the installation process, first unzip the archive on your computer, then upload all the phpmyvisites files on your webserver. Go with your favorite browser to the phpMyVisites directory on your webserver. Follow the instructions, fill in the information required, and after some minutes... have fun with your statistics!

You can get more information about Installation and Configuration in the online documentation.