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FAQ : Configuration
How to set up a crontab to launch automatically the statistics archiving process every day?
The tip is to use RSS feed provided by phpMyVisites. Connect as Super User in phpMyVisites (very important!).
In the HTML source code of the page, you can find RSS feed url which looks like

You have to set the crontab (on linux) to visit this URL. Be careful: use "&" instead of "& amp;" in the URL!

The "crontab -l", to lauch statistics computation every night at 3am, will look like
0 3 * * * wget ""

You should also launch archiving on the periods. The final crontab will look like
0 3 * * * wget ""
15 3 * * * wget ""
30 3 * * * wget ""
45 3 * * * wget ""

Once this modification is done, your stats will be automatically archived. This will bring you more confort and your server will be hapier!
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